With me going to the Lichfield Garrick to watch the infamous Romeo and Juliet (but with a twist), I would like to give my two cents out, and give a Review of what I say is one of the best performances in years. With my own Nice comments and a few gripes here and there.

Note:  All of my opinions are going off my own experience going to watch this, I’m not going off fact, but purely my own thoughts about what I had to witness for myself with my own eyes.

Let’s start from the beginning. The back bone of this performance, is the cast performing. There’s a whole array of performers which display an emotion based on the scene, ranging from:

  • Funny People
  • Sad People
    and even Brummie’s too

And then it started with some usual things that would be in a Romeo and Juliet performance, with the infamous phrase starting it all, “Two Houses, both alike in dignity”.

This is a great way to start off a production because it gives that “suspense” and “hype” that other performances usually don’t succeed in that department.

The rest of the performance goes on to tell the story a Romeo and Juliet, (but with a twist). Instead there’s heavy rock n’ roll, comedy and even suspense sprinkled with the occasional comedy.

Overall, I thought the performance was a’ ok. I enjoyed all of it and engrossed every second, It was arguably the best performance I’ve ever went to see the last time. All the prior performance’s ceased to surprised me and didn’t provide enough story development and character. Maybe because all of the prior ones where on Low Budget and were performed to a younger audience, show I expected the better of me.


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