Theatre and Performing Arts in Cannock.

At the Prince of Wales, theatre, Cannock, weekly theatre sessions are held every Saturday mornings, earlier sessions held for younger children and later ones for older ones and teenagers. They benefit people greatly as they help you improve in self-confidence and skills we all need for life, such as communication and working with different people, creative thinking, motivation and commitment.

The Saturday morning classes offer a wide range of skills for the stage, including singing and looking at musicals, stage makeup, acting skills, stage combat, improvisation, and they have even done a term where people could write and record their own radio dramas with professional equipment, music and sound effects. Additionally, they teach backstage and technical skills as well. Something new to learn is offered every term. It’s an invigorating and unique experience.

Young people have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to participate in a live show that includes different sets, props and costumes including the technical team which provide lighting, sound and visual effects to make it extra exciting for the performers. These annual shows are held during the six-week summer holidays, and a few weeks prior, open auditions are held for those who are interested in taking on a main role. Before the performance, rehearsals are held for two weeks where you practise lines, stage directions, songs and dance routines. The summer workshops are a brilliant occasion to be more confident in your teamwork skills and also forming close friendships with others. The past shows that have been performed include the Wizard of Oz and the Dracula Spectacula. The upcoming musical in August this year will be Bugsy Malone. Workshops during other school holidays like Easter are held as well, previous activities have included plot-twist playwriting and song writing.

However, learning performing arts skills isn’t all about singing, dancing and acting, they benefit young people with not only confidence, but self-esteem, being able to solve problems, public speaking and team-building. These skills can benefit the future lives of children and teenagers, making them strong and self-assured individuals who can set exceptional examples towards others.


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