Social Media Advantages- How to tell..

Advantages of social media:

  • Staying connected- you can talk to people anywhere in the world as long as they have access to social media and you can talk to family and friends you may not have seen in a long time.
  • Finding new friends-you can meet people from all around the world and can experience different cultures.
  • Information spreads- if someone has good news, many people can find out quickly and easily, instead of messaging 20 people you can just post it on your page and anyone you want can see it.
  • Helps catch and convict criminals- police have started using social media and devices to catch wanted criminals easier than before.



Disadvantages of social media

  • False and unreliable information can be spread- fake news can be spread about things or someone, this news can be hurtful or dangerous and encourage others to believe lies.
  • Cause major relationship problems- continuing from the fake news topic, one of the consequences of this is relationship breakdown.
  • Cyber bullying-online there are very rude people called trolls they love to comment mean things to hurt people and this is something that is becoming more common.
  • It can be a huge addiction- now all new technology is here, social media has become an addiction to many teenagers and can lead to anxiety and peer pressure.

Social media can be good but also THINK before you post like or comment.


S-safety (keep safe when on social media)

O- Online profiles (need to be secured)

C- Comments (need to be appropriate)

I- In danger (if in danger make sure to speak up

A – Ages (don’t believe peoples online ages)

L- Like (don’t like inappropriate posts)

Being SOCIAL does not mean putting yourself in danger.


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